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Fermenter & Bioreactor

Sterilizable-in-place and fully automated units

Fermenter SK30
  • Products range from 5 to 1000L for batch, fed-batch or continuous, aerobic or anaerobic processes
  • A mobile and robust equipment, derived from industrial know-how
  • A flexible monitoring advanced system for your own requirements
  • A single controle interface for controlling one or more bioreactors / fermenters in a simultanouse way
  • Short delivery time and equipements erection


" A customized design to meet your needs "

Your needs


  • A support from design to commissioning of your installations
  • Our expertise is based on :
    • Preparation of culture media and associated satellite tank
    • Pitching sequence
    • Bioreaction-fermentation up to 300m3
    • Extraction
    • Concentration
    • Purification
    • Drying